Hair Services

Hair spa is the best treatment for maintaining healthy and nourished hair. The treatment is done to remove all the impurities, dirt, pollutants, oiliness, and to freshen up hair. The roots are strengthened and blood circulation is enhance to keep hair growth at optimal pace. This stress relieving treatment involves use of essential oils, shampooing, massage, hair masks, steaming, and rinsing of hair thoroughly. Hair spa treatments lasts up to 15-20 day and keeps hair manageable condition. Different types of hair spa treatments are available at highly affordable prices. Long term benefits of hair spa include increased hair growth, thick hair, improved texture, and moisturized scalp. Book your hair spa treatment and prepare to flaunt healthy and silky hair.  Base hair color is the original color of your hair be it dyed or natural. The experts identify your base hair color as this is the most important step. Matching hair dye from renowned hair dye brand is selected to ensure the best treatment for your hair.

Hair dye is mixed with developer and properly mixed to make it work. The mixture is carefully applied to the sectioned  hair with a brush and suitable length of hair is covered. The hair are given some time to get properly colored and then washed and conditioned. Proper caution is taken to protect eyes and forehead from hair dye fall over. Base hair color global or touch up both are provided to meet your requirements.

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